Client Success Showcase - Jeff H.

Busy with Children and Family Life, to Establishing a New Routine and Focused on the Big Picture.

With 2 daughters in competitive sports, the busyness of family life was a common theme for Jeff. When it came to It health and fitness, it was a convenient excuse to be lazy. The days were long so it was easy to have the excuse not to do the extra workouts. The main priority was your children and doing things with them. 

That’s not to say that Jeff didn’t go to the gym. He’d been participating in spin classes and lifting weights here and there. He’d been trying to be active for years. “I’ve always been reasonably active, but not necessarily committed. With things like outdoor activities, going to the gym, spinning (more recently) and building.” 

His goal was to build a routine, lose a bit of weight, but mostly to get stronger throughout and learn how to “do it without injuring myself”. Most importantly Jeff wanted to get himself into better shape and a better mindset as he moved into the tail end of his career and retirement.

Paying attention to details

Jeff came in for a Bring-a-Friend week as a guest of 2018 Member of the Year Gordon F. It became instantly apparent that Jeff wanted to focus on improving technique and he was dedicated to doing so.

Jeff’s program had a dual emphasis of improving knee and shoulder health. With a few exercise modifications, improvement in mobility and avoiding certain movements in the short term he’s seen some great results. By committing to 3 spin classes and 3 weight training sessions per week Jeff was able to improve how his shoulders and knees felt overall.

“My core strength is much stronger than it’s been for decades, I am starting to see muscle tone in my arms and shoulders and legs. My shirts are fitting more comfortably. I don’t notice my shoulder issue any more for the most part, my neck is fine. I was very optimistic that my injuries would not be a problem and they haven’t been to date.”

Since joining Jeff has been “180% committed” to his workout routine and it shows. Many of his friends and family have commented on how much he’s changed.

“I had a friend over the other day tell me, ‘it’s amazing how much your body has changed since last winter.’ These comments really reaffirm all your hard work.”

The Bike Trip

Another big factor in Jeff’s decision to join Evertrain was a cross Canada bike trip that he planned along with his good friends (also Evertrain members) Gordon and Nicolette F. As you can read below, Jeff successfully tackled 2600KM in the first leg of the tour. What a feat! A trip like this is not for the faint of heart and thanks to his hard work and unwavering commitment to his health, Jeff is ready for the 2nd part coming up in July.

Jeff has been such a pleasure to work with. His friendly personality not only makes him great to work with, but our other community members love to be around him as well. Congratulations on all your success Jeff!

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