Evertrain 2018 Year in Review

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We are big fans of using the New Year to pause and reflect on the year that has passed before moving ahead onto the next year. 2018 was the biggest and best year we’ve had at Evertrain. It was a year of big changes, life events and growth. As we look back on 2018, we want to thank our community for all their support and incredible enthusiasm for health and fitness.

  1. A New Home for Evertrain

Now on the corner of St.Laurent blvd and Montreal road. We found the perfect fit for our new home.

Now on the corner of St.Laurent blvd and Montreal road. We found the perfect fit for our new home.

After a lot of planning and ironing out the details, we found a home. Yes there were some snags along the way, but we couldn’t be happier with our new location and everything that it brings our members.

In finding a new location the top priority was proximity. After spending time in New Edinburgh and Manor Park during our early years, we were able to find a home just down the road at 524 Montreal road. In fact, some of our members still walk to their workouts!

We researched and invested in brand new equipment that fits the needs of our over 50 group and found a place that had the space to operate the way we needed.

Since our Grand Opening on October 1st, the feedback about the new studio has been incredible so far.

2. Our Community Grew

GRowing the family

Our mission is to empower as many people over 50 as we can reach longterm, pain-free success with health and fitness.

As the community began to learn more about Evertrain and how we help our members reach longterm success, more and more people began to join. In 2018 our member base nearly doubled.

Along with this we opened up a new Small Group Training Class in the evenings at 6:15pm and received an influx of Fascial Stretch Therapy members as well.

A-Player added to the team,

With the rapid growth in 2018, we knew we’d have to find an A-player to help coach our members towards continued success. It wasn’t easy…


But after receiving over 20 applications we found the right person.

Enter Kyle.

Kyle was exactly the all-star we were searching for. Not only does he have the educational background we were looking for, he has the intangibles we desired as well.

He’s a fast learner, has a thirst for knowledge and he actually applies that knowledge on a daily basis (this was big for us).

But most importantly he’s respectful, approachable, compassionate towards his clients and has a strong desire to help others. Oh and he’s aways early! We’re so happy to have Kyle on board.

Our first child.

Along with all the challenges of opening a new location we were preparing for our first child! And although it was a challenge to find the time to do everything we needed to, it was well worth it. On November 4th, we were blessed with the birth of our baby girl Mahalia Rose.

3. A Year of Shared Successes

Our members work HARD! With all the factors involved when it comes to life after 50, our members found a way to overcome obstacles and SUCCEED in 2018.

Some of the obstacles our members faced this year;

  • Caring for ageing parents.

  • Deaths in the family.

  • Family stressors.

  • Dealing with unexpected Injuries.

  • Stressful work schedules.

  • Running a business.

  • Depression.

  • Sickness.

  • Physical assault.

  • Plateaus.

  • and more…

In spite of all this, by working together and keeping the eye on the big picture our members persevered and saw incredible success. We are so proud of you all. Here is just a snap shot of the success we witnessed this year.

Donna was one of 3 Member of the Year Finalists for 2018.

Donna was one of 3 Member of the Year Finalists for 2018.

Hard work goes a long way

We saw Rita show resilience in getting workouts in and “making it happen” no matter what the circumstances. This lead to strength gains and making big strides in regards to pain-free living.

Donna truly embraced the concept of following a path of continual improvement She only missed one workout all year and continued to improve in all areas week-in and week-out (including a 24lb weight loss).

Marlow began his journey towards longterm health and fitness and saw big changes in habits, mindset and exercise technique.

Morty developed a routine that helps him maintain his flexibility and as he would call it, to become more “WD40”.

We saw Jeff, Gordon (our 2018 Member of the Year) and Nicolette excel within a structured program. So much so that they made cycling a third of Canada over one month seem like a breeze.

Jeff has turn out to be one of our more advanced lifters, in spite of a shoulder, neck and knee injury.

Jeff has turn out to be one of our more advanced lifters, in spite of a shoulder, neck and knee injury.

Joy bounced back from a previous injury in a way that was even surprising to her. With dedication towards consistent exercise and healthy eating, she’s managed to discover a new love for exercise that she thought wasn’t possible.

We saw Paul P. make HUGE strides in his routine and his mindset towards health and fitness. Prior to joining he didn’t like the idea of having a fitness routine to follow. Now he gets up EVERY morning to roll out his body and perform McGill sit-ups and glute bridges and he’s tidied up his eating too!

Colette and Pierre made big jumps in their exercise technique and posture and have established a routine of consistent exercise both in the studio and at home.

Natalie was a Member of the Year Finalist at our Annual Holiday Event.

Natalie was a Member of the Year Finalist at our Annual Holiday Event.

We saw Sheilagh, Laurie, Catherine and Serge prove that the results they achieved in the previous year(s) are here to stay.

Small Group Training members like Lucie, Ghislaine, Lynn and Jamal saw continued improvement and advancement towards their goals.

Enikö made huge gains in strength and learning about addressing muscular balance in the body. She also significantly reduced lower back pain in the process.

Karen, Barb, Deanna and Danny all showed their character and resilience as they overcame obstacles and decided to keep their health and fitness a top priority.

We saw newcomers like Laura, Janet, Jonathan, Paul, Narimane, Elaine, Edwin, Susan, Andrea and more all make serious headway towards reaching their goals this year by laying the foundation for more change in 2019.

Natalie blew everyone away with her transformation this year. Not only did she lose 35lbs, her energy and enthusiasm has increased and she’s inspiring everyone around her!

These are just a few examples of some of the success our members saw from their hard work and dedication. Congratulations to everyone for their efforts in 2018.

Evertrain Members in Action.

Evertrain members hard at work.


What a year 2018 was for everyone here at Evertrain. We have big plans for 2019 and we look forward to a year of new beginnings and continued success in health and fitness.

We’re currently taking applications for our 30-Day Kickstart program. If you or someone you know wants to get on the right track right away this New Year and avoid the annual post-New Year’s drop off, book a free consultation today by clicking on the button below.

Yours in health,

The Evertrain Team