With private training you will receive complete one on one attention. This is our "bread and butter" program. Your coach will guide you through all the steps you need in order to get the best possible results with your program. Every 4-6 weeks your coach will evaluate your results and update your program.

This program is ideal for people who;

  • enjoy a 100% customized training experience.
  • have specific needs/injuries that may be difficult to address in group settings.
  • prefer more flexible scheduling.


Semi-private training is quickly becoming one of the most popular training options in North America. This program is ideally suited for couples or people of similar goals and fitness levels. If you like the camaraderie of working with other people this is a great way to reach your goals and get great value. 

This program is ideal for people who;

  • love working with others.
  • prefer to train with a friend or loved one.
  • want the optimal personal training experience at a lower cost.

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“Accountability is important to me. If it weren’t for Andre, I would probably sleep in more and wouldn’t be getting my workouts in. Also in the past I’ve had several training related injuries, so for me training injury free is a big one. All the work we’ve done improving my posture has had a big impact on me. With how busy my schedule is, I love not having to figure out a workout plan and how to do the exercises on my own. Andre has shown me how to do everything properly and he continually updates my program. This way I keep progressing and avoid plateaus. If you’re a busy professional, you should seriously consider working with Evertrain.”
— Serge G. - Guenette Real Estate Group, Team Leader
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At Evertrain, they are intuitive of my needs. They have the experience to understand people in my age group. At first I was a bit nervous about my hip issue because of the pain. I learned very quickly that my coach would not cause any further pain as he was careful and worked through my hip issue systematically.”
— Karen E. lost 37lbs and 30 inches and is now 100% pain free.