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We recommend downloading the guide to your desktop so that you can access it easily for future reference. It may seem counterintuitive, but by focusing on "damage control" versus perfection you will be in a MUCH better place.

This is how we coach our clients at Evertrain. By doing it this way, they are able to better commit to their goals and program during the other times of the year (between holidays).

One last thing before we go... 

Starting January 8th, we are running a New Year “Fitness After 50” 30-Day KICK-START Program at our studio location (429 St. Laurent Blvd “Prime Personal Training”) for those looking for a personalized solution to hit their 2017 goals.

The "Fitness After 50" Kick-Start is our signature program that is meant to get you great results, in a short amount of time, injury-free.

We've spent a lot of time designing this special program that can both;

  1. Get the results you want.
  2. Make sure we don't skip the appropriate steps that prevent you from getting injured.

The 30-Day "Fitness After 50" KICK-START includes:

  • The Evertrain Movement Assessment & Analysis
  • 7 Customized and "Joint Happy", Fat-Loss Workouts with your Personal Trainer
  • 1 60-Minute Fascial Stretch Therapy Session
  • 4 weeks of Lifestyle Coaching & Accountability
  • Unlimited Coaching Support
  • The Weight-Loss After 50 Nutrition Blueprint

The people shown below are great examples of men and women over 50 who were tired of their regular routines and decided to contact us. With our help they were able to overcome obstacles and reach their health and fitness goals. 

The Kick-Start Program is your opportunity to overcome the obstacles you are currently facing.

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    Call us today to reserve your spot in the program 613-295-2139.