Client Success Showcase - Barb C.

Struggles with injuries and chronic pain, to taking charge of her health.

Having members like Barb are what make the Evertrain community a special place.

Having members like Barb are what make the Evertrain community a special place.

When it comes to the kinds of obstacles that arise throughout the pursuit of our health and fitness goals, it seems that Barb has had to endure most of them.

One of theses common obstacles is injuries. It might be an understatement to say that Barb has had her fair share of health and fitness limiting injuries.

A disastrous bike accident that resulted in a partial knee replacement, multiple disc herniations and torn rotator cuffs begin to give you an idea.

And if you met Barb, you probably wouldn’t notice. Her friendly smile and signature laugh are the signs of someone who is working hard to continually improve and see the “glass as half full”.

Support and accountability

Barb knows how important it is to prioritize your health and fitness. But with a demanding work schedule, dealing with chronic pain and other factors, it can be a challenge to always do the things that we “should be doing". That is why Barb values the support and accountability that she receives from her coaches. In fact, she not only values it, she thrives on it.

Barb is one of the most coachable members we have ever had. And that’s saying a lot. She responds extremely well to coaching feedback and is always seeking out new ways to improve and get better. Whether it’s a small exercise technique change or working on lifestyle related strategies, Barb is up to the task.

An example of Barb’s recent weight loss success.

An example of Barb’s recent weight loss success.

Barb is one of the longest standing Evertrain members. After training with us for a few years, she took a brief hiatus. Since coming back she has reinvigorated her drive to succeed. As a result she’s lost almost 13lbs, is visibly stronger and has less pain.

Getting better every week

Barb is doing extremely well and we are confident she will continue to succeed. Each week, she finds a way to get better. And if she “messes up”, no problem! She is able to “clean the slate” and keep moving forward in the right direction. Barb’s combination of a positive attitude and relentless work ethic will ensure she has success not only now, but in the years and decades to come. Congratulations on all your hard work Barb!

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You can achieve longterm success too

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Yours in health,

The Evertrain Team