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Bring a Friend to Your Workouts FREE

We don’t know how time has flown so quickly, but it seems like just yesterday that Evertrain opened! Our growth over the last few years has been awesome, and we’ve been lucky to serve the absolute best members ever!

We were looking through the dozens of testimonials we've received here at Evertrain, and we noticed a trend...

The majority of our members have come through a referral from a friend who’s worked with us. 

In fact, our member referrals are the number one factor in why we’ve been able to grow Evertrain so quickly!  Which is great because that means you love what we do!  And we are happy about that since we are here to serve you, our members. ☺

So that got us thinking...why not have an opportunity when all of our clients can bring in their friends to workout with them?

And what better way than to give out some “Golden Tickets” to make it fun!

Simple enough idea, right?  And simple is good.

Especially when it's such a winner all the way around.

Here's what we mean...

- One Week of FREE Workouts for Your Friends

- As a token of our appreciation, you’ll receive a complimentary 60 minute Fascial Stretch Therapy gift card for you for every friend who comes in with you that signs up for a 6 month or longer program.

We want to take a moment to say THANK YOU!!!  We really appreciate you putting your trust in Evertrain for your fitness and nutrition program.

We enjoy having people like you who are truly committed to their goals and the success of their program, and we would like to meet more people like you.

We are going to have “Golden Tickets” for you at the studio to pass out to anyone who could benefit in coming in for a week of workouts during the week of December 17th to the 22nd!

If you have a friend, family member, or co-worker who would like to see what you’ve been up to here at Evertrain then please invite them in to enjoy a workout with you. If they can’t come at the same time you do, but would still like to try a workout with us, that’s totally fine!  Just send them our way, and we will take care of them!

So grab a handful of “Golden Tickets”, and make sure your friend fills it out completely – especially with your name as the person who referred!

This is a simple way for us to show you how grateful we are to have you as a member, and to meet more people like you.  And it is a simple way for you to have a really positive influence on your friends, family members and co-workers...by sharing the gift of health and fitness.

Thanks again!  We love our members!!

To your health and fitness,

Andre and Julie



P.S.  If you’re bringing your friend in with you, there is no need to let us know in advance! ☺