3 Fit People Over 50 Go On An Epic Cross Canada Bike Ride - Leg #2

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Need some inspiration?

Today we want to showcase three very special Evertrain members. These three individuals are a great inspiration to everyone looking to have a high quality of life after the age of 50. They are a prime example of the fact that in order to be healthy, you have to live healthy.

Jeff Hemstreet and husband-wife duo Gordon Frosst and Nicolette Frosst are about to set off on the second leg of their cross-Canada bike ride. They are riding across the country over three summers as a fund-raiser for brain cancer and to support the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. If you want to learn more and to donate to this worthy cause, please click this link


Last summer, the trio plus another friend, Val, completed the first leg of the trip riding from Vancouver to Winnipeg. Some interesting facts from that trip (for your inner data geek!):

  • 2,616 KM

  • 16,000 M cumulative vertical - almost 2 x Mt. Everest

  • 28 days riding or 134 saddle hours

  • 26 degrees of longitude, 4 provinces and 3 time zones

  • Distance equivalent to over 10% of the circumference of the planet at this latitude!

  • Approximately 120 km per riding day average in the foothills and prairies.

  • 3 rest days to do laundry, sleep in and watch TV!

Strength increases have soared for all three members over the last 2 years.

Strength increases have soared for all three members over the last 2 years.

They are pumped for this year's trip after having worked hard with the Evertrain team to get their bodies and legs ready for this summer's expedition.

After several months in the early stages to correct muscular imbalances and LOTS and LOTS of work on exercise technique, all three have put many hours into developing strong and resilient bodies. They’ve all consistently logged 3 strength training days per week for the last 2 years. This is after having done little to no strength training in the past.

At this point, it’s safe to say that their hard work has paid off. They have noticed marked improvement in leg strength, which will come in handy when climbing hills on their trip.

Not only this, but their bodies are far more ready to take the beating that comes with this type of feat. Completing the trip is one goal. Having their bodies in good shape after it is another.

They leave Winnipeg on Canada Day and will return to Ottawa in late July / early August.  Surprisingly, this leg is slightly longer and only 3,000 M less vertical than last year. Fingers crossed they have a tail-wind, sunny skies, friendly truckers, and no bugs

Next summer it will be Ottawa to St. John's, Newfoundland.

We are so proud of you guys and we will be rooting for you the whole way. You can follow their antics and progress on Instagram under coast2coastbiketour (you do not need an account to view).

If you’re ready to get started on your epic fitness journey contact us today to book your free consultation.

Yours in health,

The Evertrain Team